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Japanese Psychology and Emotions

Thoughts are impulses for action. They can make it difficult to stop, evaluate potential threats, and then take action in a split second. Some of the more dangerous thoughts, like worry and anger, can cause the fight or flight response. If you have problems on an emotional, psychological, and spiritual level, you need the right dose of therapy, and for that, you need to know more about soulcybin

People mistakenly associate stress with unfavorable feelings. They are two completely different things. The emotions of detrimental thoughts are not thoughts. The anxiety response is not just thoughts, but also transcends them. How you deal with distressing feelings and how to cope (or not cope with them) is determined by the way you pinpoint whether they trigger a strain response.

For instance, if you feel anxious upon waking up, you can tell yourself “Huh, this is a bit nervous.” I need to be more careful to relax a little today. This self-talk will reduce the emotional demands. If you tell yourself “Wow! I feel anxious!” Your mind would interpret panic as an emotion that you can’t handle. It would then trigger a tension reaction. Stress, like every emotion, is usually an emotion, not tension.

My main focus is to integrate Japanese psychology approaches from Naikan or Morita remedy into pressure administration. Both these types of Japanese psychology have a unique Jap approach to understanding and controlling emotions. It is based on Buddhism.